Five Tips to Enhance Reproductive Health and Fertility

In order to be able to nurture yourself and enhance your fertility, it is essential to engage in healthy lifestyle habits. Here are five basic ways to balance the health of your reproductive system.

    • Eat fresh, unprocessed foods. The basic principle of nutrition is that it offers essential nutrients and minerals to the body. The word ‘nutrition’ is derived from Latin and means ‘to nourish’. Your well-balanced plate should comprise of foods that are fresh and as much organic as possible; the emphasis is on vegetables, fruit, fish, and free-range meats. Portland is an excellent place for fresh foods and farmers markets.
    • Relax your body and mind. Relaxation techniques are an essential part of your daily habits. They may comprise of any of your favorite activities. We encourage deep breathing, meditation, or visualization. Try aromatherapy at home or in your bedroom. Go on vacation. Read a book, journal, or watch a comedy.
    • Move your body. Check out Portland’s local restorative yoga classes, or learn more about qi gong for fertility. Take a moment to check in with your major stressors and create a plan to better manage these.
    • Connect with nature. Portland offers many wonderful hikes, walking, and other outdoor activities. Get enough time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Plant some seeds in your garden, dig your hands in the dirt and watch something grow. Use this as a metaphor for your body, cultivating and nourishing your well-being to help enhance fertility.
    • Volunteer. Portland offers a myriad of opportunities. Give to others, donate some time, focus on something or someone outside of yourself.